Edinburgh Settlement

Edinburgh Settlement is a social tradition which has been going on for over a hundred years providing free education, social care and cultural activities connected in with a global network.  The website was created to support the community as it revives itself through the efforts of Steve Robb the archivist of the history.  Still a fixture of the Leith community of North Edinburgh, the Settlement project is still involved in putting on regular art events as well as digitizing it’s archive so that the public gets access to it.

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Ragged University

This website was built for the Ragged University project and the communities which constitute it.  It is a free education project inspired by the Ragged Schools of the Victorian era.  Putting on various learning and social events, the website needed a lot of functionality and opporunities for interaction to support community activities via publishing and promotion.  It is the Ragged University project which gave rise to the Social Server initiative, so that the community education could get a funding stream.

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Smiths Market

Smiths Market is a project designed to map and highlight exemplar businesses, practices and elements which go towards making up a sustainable global-local economy.  The challenges are to identify what a sustainable economy would look like and so this enterprise was set up to develop a cartography of real life practice as well as ideas.

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