Good security is a vital part of any modern website as it not only keeps data safe but also prevents your website from being hacked and turned into an advertising board for unscrupulous marketers.


Security is an ongoing task so it is vital that the right tools are going to protect your website from spammers, brute force attacks on your password, denial of service attacks and other exploits.


If your website is not secure it will be penalised by search engines and as a consequence it will not be served in search engine results as much.  Without adequate security your website is vulnerable to hackers who aim to gain access to your hosting package and exploit it for their own purposes.


Having a secure website is important to protect the visitors to your website.  There are multiple measures which you can take to harden the security including encrypting the connection between the server and the user, hiding certain features of the website from prying eyes (such as the login page), and blacklisting known hackers from having access to the website.


Whatever your security needs, be it security hardening and installing of a firewall to locking file permissions preventing manipulation of the code, Social Server will be able to meet your needs.  A range of options are available along with a personalised overseeing of maintenance and active security monitoring.

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