Welcome to the Social Server project. Web design and IT solutions for all your needs.


  • Do you want a website or content management system ?
  • Want measureable improvements to an existing website ?
  • Do you want you learn how to do it yourself ?
  • Want a website that outperforms other websites ?
  • Do you want added layers of security ?
  • Want an ecologically built sustainable website ?
  • Do you want to support community projects ?


If the answer is ‘Yes’ then you have arrived at the right website then.  Have a browse through the portfolio for inhouse webdesign examples, have a look at the prices for packages or check out the toolkit to compare prices of other web design services and resources you can use to do it yourself.


Social Server is here to support good causes by building websites and providing technology solutions to suit.  Full staff training is offered to charities and community organisations, and also computer skills workshops are available to all people who are on a low income, receive benefits or who serve communities through voluntary work. If you help others, then I am happy to help you…


If you are a business and you are looking for a website, I offer the highest quality websites at a competitive price.  All the money goes to supporting good causes and running community organisations who need support, websites and computer skills training.  The servers which are used are environmentally managed and certified by the British Standards Institute (ISO 14001) along with being security audited (ISO 27001).  If you are going to pay for web development ensure that you get the best products and services whilst helping make the world a better place.



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